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The nature’s way of recleaning its space – covid 19 virus

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Lets for a moment rewind our lives. Say to last week this time or the last months can you think how things have changed in just a matter of days. Institutions and entertainment centers have closed down, public places are empty there are few cars on the road. The pollution level has come down. Tourist spots and beeches are empty, water bodies are cleaner because most people are at home with their families. This coronavirus pandemic has hit the reset button on a lot of things. people have begun to appreciating old values and simpler things in life. but I want to focus on one issue tonight and that is co-existence. since humans began retreating from public spaces in fear of the coronavirus, nature has begun recleaning its space. Dolphins have returned to Italy coasts thanks to the missing crew ships. There are swans in Italy canals, otherwise populated with gondolas or tourists. In Singapore oaters are roaming freely thanks to the empty public spaces.


These incidents are a reminder of how we humans have taken over the earth. we’ve encroached on the territory of other living beings, destroyed habitats, killed animals, overuse resources. We do not own this planet, we share the world with a lot of other living beings.

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